Q: What do I need to have ready before templating the countertop area?

 A: There are several things you can do to prepare for templating:
1. All cabinets must be permanently fixed in place and level
2. Remove everything from the countertop space.
3. Have all sinks on-site.
4. Have all faucets and any other fixtures to be used on-site.
5. Have all cooking appliances on-site, including downdraft if applicable (preferably NOT in place).
6. Have any grommets on-site (e.g. a grommet would be used to finish holes cut for wires and cables in computer desks).


Q: How long does it take before my countertop is installed?


A: Our goal is to process and schedule your countertop for fabrication and installation as quickly as possible. Turn around times may vary from project to project and can be better determined once we have evaluated your specific needs. .
To avoid delays, ensure you are  (See Above).


Q: Will you be taking the sink, faucet, cooktop, or downdraft?

 A: Sometimes we need to take fixtures back to the shop to verify proper fit at the time of manufacture. The measuring technician will make this determination at the time of measure. 

Q: How do I choose the right sink?


A: The most important thing to consider when selecting a new sink is whether or not it will fit the sink cabinet. Many sink manufacturers will indicate the recommended minimum cabinet size for their sinks. Below are some general guidelines for selecting a sink, however, fit and placement will be confirmed by Surfacewerks after your countertop area has been measured.

- Undermount sink: The entire sink must be able to fit inside the cabinet, including the flange that runs around the outside edge. Some oversized sinks require deeper than normal cabinets to allow room for the faucet and fixtures.

- Drop-in sink: The bowl(s) must fit inside the cabinet (left to right); the finished flange will sit on top of the countertop.

- Vessel: Typical installation requires vessel sinks to fit the area of the countertop. However, since vessels are often custom fit it is recommended that you consult a designer or representative of The Top Shop to verify fit.

- Apron: Apron sinks must fit inside the cabinet (left to right). All apron sinks MUST be installed prior to templating.

Q: Who will mount the sink?


A: Surfacewerks PRO Team Installers will look after mounting and sealing undermount sinks only on-site. Cast iron undermount sinks will be initially mounted by The Top Shop PRO Team Installers, however, we recommend additional support be built to reinforce the installation. Mounting of Apron sinks are the responsibility of the client and must be completed prior to digital templating.

Q: Who hooks up the faucets and sink drains?


A: The hookup of all drains, faucets, sink fixtures, cooking appliances, garborators, grommets, etc. are the responsibility of the client. Surfacewerks PRO Team Installers will dry-fit items such as faucets and cooking appliances to ensure proper fit. For an additional fee, The Top Shop will also tear out old countertops Ask your Service Rep for details!