Four Pillars of a Great Project

  At Surfacewerks we like to keep things simple, in what can be an otherwise very hectic building or remodeling process. To do this we have identified four pillars of effectiveness when working on any project: Communication, Timeliness, Quality, and Cost. In that order. 

Communication is essential and without it, a project cannot run effectively. We believe a project is only as good as the communication on that project. Poor communication, Poor Outcome, Mediocre Communication, Mediocre Outcome. This is why our first pillar of effectiveness is communication.  We strive for excellence in communication on every single project.  Excellent Communication, Excellent outcome

Timeliness is not only essential to a great project, but also our client’s sanity.  Building, and remodeling can, and will be at times stressful. Anyone who tells you different is not being honest about the process.  Timeliness   cannot be more important or even equally as important as communication. As without the former the latter will only result in a quick turn around with questionable results. With that said Surfacewerks operates extremely efficiently and effectively. We often outperform industry standard installation lead times. We have custom countertop experts in our office, and in the field to help our clients organize, plan, and execute from design to installation.   

Quality is an absolute essential to any project.  At Surfacwerks we partner with only the top Brands such as Cambria, Caesarstone, and Vicostone among others.  These brands reflect our company values, and they stand behind their products as much as we stand behind our own craftsmanship and installations.  

Cost  Surfacewerks has spent years developing partnerships and purchasing arrangements both globally and locally.  From the biggest of brand names such as Cambria Quartz USA, and Caesarstone USA, to local slab warehouses.  Cost is a major factor and we treat it as such.  We work exteremely dilligently  to bring our clinet's industry leading costs on luxury countertop products.